Trait gooey::core::Window[][src]

pub trait Window: 'static + Debug + Send + Sync {
    fn set_title(&self, title: &str);
fn inner_size(&self) -> Size<u32, Pixels>;
fn set_inner_size(&self, new_size: Size<u32, Pixels>);
fn set_outer_position(&self, new_position: Point<i32, Pixels>);
fn inner_position(&self) -> Point<i32, Pixels>;
fn set_always_on_top(&self, always: bool);
fn maximized(&self) -> bool;
fn set_maximized(&self, maximized: bool);
fn set_minimized(&self, minimized: bool);
fn close(&self); fn outer_position(&self) -> Point<i32, Pixels> { ... } }
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Represents a window.

Required methods

Sets the window title.

Returns the size of the content area of the window.

Attempts to resize the window to new_size. This may not work on all platforms.

Sets the outer position of the window. This may not work on all platforms.

Returns the position of the top-left of the content area in screen coordinates.

Sets whether the window should always be on top of other windows.

Returns true if the window is maximized.

Sets whether the window should be maximized.

Sets whether the window should be minimized.

Closes the window.

Provided methods

Returns the position on the screen of the window’s top-left corner. On platforms where this is unsupported, innner_position() is returned.