pub trait AnyFrontend: AnySendSync {
    fn cloned(&self) -> Box<dyn AnyFrontend + 'static, Global>Notable traits for Box<R, Global>impl<R> Read for Box<R, Global> where
    R: Read + ?Sized
impl<W> Write for Box<W, Global> where
    W: Write + ?Sized
impl<I, A> Iterator for Box<I, A> where
    I: Iterator + ?Sized,
    A: Allocator
type Item = <I as Iterator>::Item;impl<F, A> Future for Box<F, A> where
    F: Future + Unpin + ?Sized,
    A: Allocator + 'static, 
type Output = <F as Future>::Output;
; fn storage(&self) -> &WidgetStorage; fn window(&self) -> Option<&(dyn Window + 'static)>; fn theme(&self) -> SystemTheme; fn set_widget_has_messages(&self, widget: WidgetId); fn enter_managed_code(&self) -> ManagedCodeGuard; fn load_image(
        asset: &Image,
        completed: Callback<Image, ()>,
        error: Callback<String, ()>
    ); fn asset_url(&self, asset: &Asset) -> Option<Url>; fn schedule_timer(
        callback: Callback<(), ()>,
        duration: Duration,
        repeating: bool
    ) -> Timer; fn localize(
        key: &str,
        parameters: Option<LocalizationParameters<'a>>
    ) -> String; fn open(&self, window: Box<dyn AnyWindowBuilder + 'static, Global>) -> bool; fn app(&self) -> &AppContext { ... } }
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An interface for Frontend that doesn’t requier knowledge of associated types.

Required Methods

Clones the frontend, returning the clone in a box.

Returns the widget storage.

Returns the window for this frontend instance.

Returns the current system theme.

Notifies the frontend that a widget has messages. Frontends should ensure that process_widget_messages is called at some point after this method is called.

Marks that managed code is being executed. Can be nested. Automatically exited when the returned guard is dropped.

Loads an image asynchronously, executing completed when loaded.

Returns the full Url for the asset, if available.

Schedules a timer that invokes callback after duration, and repeats if repeating is true.

Localizes key with parameters.

Opens a window. Returns false if unable to open the window.

Provided Methods

Returns the current application context.