pub trait AnyChannels: AnySendSync {
    fn widget_type_id(&self) -> TypeId;
    fn command_sender(&self) -> Box<dyn AnySendSync + 'static, Global>Notable traits for Box<R, Global>impl<R> Read for Box<R, Global> where
    R: Read + ?Sized
impl<W> Write for Box<W, Global> where
    W: Write + ?Sized
impl<I, A> Iterator for Box<I, A> where
    I: Iterator + ?Sized,
    A: Allocator
type Item = <I as Iterator>::Item;impl<F, A> Future for Box<F, A> where
    F: Future + Unpin + ?Sized,
    A: Allocator + 'static, 
type Output = <F as Future>::Output;
; fn event_sender(&self) -> &(dyn AnySendSync + 'static); }
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A generic-type-less trait for Channels

Required Methods

Returns the TypeId of the widget these channels are for.

Returns a Sender for this widget’s Command type.

Returns a Sender for this widget’s Event type.