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Types used for styling.


Types for adding a border to a widget.

Types for adding padding to a widget.

Types for defining sets of rules.


Indicates to Gooey that it should attempt to focus this Widget upon initialization.

The background color. Used for shape fills. Is not inherited.

A border around a widget.

Options for a single side of a Border.

An Srgba color.

A pair of colors, one for each SystemTheme variant.

The font family name for drawing text.

The font size for drawing text.

The foreground color. Used for text and line/border drawing.

The color to highlight selections.

The width of lines stroked/drawn. Default is 1. Scaled.

Adds padding (spacing) around a widget.

A set of style components.

Measurements that surrouned a box/rect.

Indicates the index in the tab order for the window. The indicies must be consistent within the window.

The foreground color. Used for text and line/border drawing.


Horizontally aligns items.

The rendering style of the font.

An intent for a widget. This is used to track which widget should process “default” and “cancel” intents that come from the keyboard or accessible devices.

The theme variant for the system.

Vertically aligns items.

The weight of a font.


A StyleComponent that can be boxed for storage and cloned.

A style component that has a fallback. An example could be TextColor and ForegroundColor components. TextColor could specify ForegroundColor as a fallback. Used with Style::get_with_fallback.

A style component. Implementors can be stored within Style.