pub trait TryIntoColor<T> {
    fn try_into_color(self) -> Result<T, OutOfBounds<T>>;
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A trait for fallible conversion of a color into another.

U: TryIntoColor<T> is implemented for every type T: TryFromColor<U>.

See TryFromColor for more details.

Required Methods

Convert into T, returning ok if the color is inside of its defined range, otherwise an OutOfBounds error is returned which contains the unclamped color.

 use palette::convert::TryIntoColor;
 use palette::{Hsl, Srgb};

 let rgb: Srgb = match Hsl::new(150.0, 1.0, 1.1).try_into_color() {
     Ok(color) => color,
     Err(err) => {
         println!("Color is out of bounds");