About Gooey

Gooey is a graphical user interface framework for Rust. It aims to provide a cross-platform way for developing applications to achieve the "write once, deploy anywhere" holy grail.

Where it differs from many is in its core design philosophy: You should never feel boxed in by limitations of your UI framework. In many other frameworks, if you use a third party widget, and you want to target a new platform that the widget doesn't support, you usually need to ask the library author to add support for that platform. Not so with Gooey!

In Gooey, the roles of Widgets, Transmogrifiers, and Frontends are clearly defined, and you would be able to implement your own Transmogrifier for the unsupported widget. Or, if a platform implementation leaves something to be desired, you can use your own Transmogrifier for that as well.

While this may not be the first framework to take this approach, it is not a common approach, and it's one thing that separates Gooey from many user interface frameworks.